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An eager hunter with a keen sense of smell, the Anglo Francais is the most popular pack hound in France , though it is seldom found elsewhere. The dog excels at hunting boar: With near reckless abandon it charges into thorny, dense thickets in pursuit of wild pig. As a pack dog, the Anglo-Francais needs canine company. Otherwise it is restless and may even wander.

The name Anglo-Francais reflects the dog's parentage. English Foxhound blood accounts for its endurance; genes of the Poitevin (a rare French breed) account for its courage.

Origin of Anglo Francais

Excessive inbreeding very nearly wiped out the Anglo - Francais . But breeding with the English Foxhound subsequently fixed a healthy strain of hound noted for its speed, vitality, intelligence, and courage.

Characteristics of Anglo-Francais

General appearance: solid, distinctive-looking.

Height: 58.4 to 68.6 cm (23 to 27 in.).

Weight: not specified.

Head: rather long, relatively narrow. Well-defined occiput. Barely visible stop. Muzzle medium long. Prominent nose.

Eyes: large, expressive.

Ears: semi-long, thin, slightly turned, set fairly low.

Body: long, thin, muscular. Muscular back. Very deep chest, higher than it is wide. Long and rounded ribs, slightly raised flanks.

Tail: thin, not bushy, set high and curved.

Forequarters: straight and muscular. Legs stand wide apart.

Hindquarters: muscular. Low, slightly bent hocks.

Coat: short and glossy hair.

Color: tricolor (white, black, and orange); white and black; white and orange.

Practical information about Anglo-Francais

This dog is particularly susceptible to leptospirosis, an infection carried in the urine of rodents. During hunting season, the Anglo-Francais needs high-energy food. After the hunt, it must be protected against cold and humidity and examined for wounds and parasites. Pack dogs do not need to be bathed; their coat tends to clean itself.

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