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Low-slung, sturdy, and shaggy, this little dog seems almost to skim the ground. Like all terriers, it is lively, bright, and brave. It was bred by Australians to hunt rabbits and rats. The dog is also adept at killing snakes by leaping into the air and pouncing on the reptile from behind.

The Aussie is playful and loyal. It is a beloved and faithful house-pet.

Origin of Austalian Terrier

A combination of British terrier stock-probably a mix of the Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Irish, Yorkshire , and Scottish terriers-resulted in this intrepid working dog. The breed appeared at a dog show for the first time in 1899, in Sydney , although it had been a mainstay of Outback stations for some 20 years before. The first dogs exported to Great Britain , in 1906, aroused little interest. In 1921, Lady Stradbroke, wife of a former governor of the State of Victoria , imported several Aussie specimens to breed with existing stock, thereby improving the strain found in Britain . The same year, the Australian Terrier Club was formed and the breed's first standard established. The most important contributing factor to this dog's popularity in England was the adoption of an Aussie by the Duke of Gloucester during his stay in Australia . The breed was officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1936.

Characteristics of Austalian Terrier

General appearance: rather squat, sturdy, compact, and vivacious.

Height: 27.9 cm (11 in.).

Weight: under F.e.1.standards, 4 to 5 kg (9 to 11Ib). Elsewhere, 6.3 kg (14Ib).

Head: long. Flat skull. Slight but definite stop. Long and strong jaws.

Eyes: small, alert, dark.

Ears: small, erect, pointed, set high, no long hairs.

Body: rather long. Well-sprung ribs. Level back. Deep flanks.

Tail: customarily docked. Set high, erect not over back.

Forequarters: legs perfectly straight, well-boned.

Hindquarters: legs sturdy, parallel. Hocks well bent and well let down. Stifles well turned.

Coat: straight, stiff, dense outer coat; soft undercoat.

Color: blue or silver gray, tan on the feet and muzzle, blue or silver topknot. Under American standards, clear sandy or red.

Practical information about Austalian Terrier

With insufficient exercise, the Aussie could become unruly. It is susceptible to eczema.

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