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   Australian Kelpie Breed Information

Kelpie, Australian Collie

In Scottish folklore, a kelpie is a water sprite capable of transforming itself into a horse. The name is apt for this agile, hard-working Australian sheep-dog. An excellent herder, the Kelpie works tirelessly, often without supervision. On its own, it can separate 50 to 100 head of sheep and lead them to water, all the while keeping an eye on the rest of the flock. It is said that this dog can perform the work of several men and travel more than 60 kilometers (almost 40 miles) in a day.

Active, independent, and difficult to control, the Kelpie thrives in wide-open spaces and is the most common working sheep-dog in Australia and New Zealand .

Origin of Australian Kelpie

No doubt the blood of the Dingo, as well as that of the smooth-coated Collie, flows in the veins of the Kelpie. One champion of the breed, con,

won two Australian national championships in 1898 despite. He a leg injury-definitive evidence of the Kelpie's fortitude.

Characteristics of Australian Kelpie

General appearance: average size, robust, lively, hard-working.

Height: under Australian standards, 43.2 to 50.8 cm (17 to 20 in.). Under F.C.I standards, 50 to 58 cm (19 ½ to 23 in.). Elsewhere, dogs 45.7 to 50.8 cm (18 to 20 in.); bitches 43.2 to 48.3 cm (17 to 19 in.).

Weight: under F.C.I. standards, 13 to 15 kg (28' ½ to 33Ib). lsewhere, not specified.

Head: long and narrow, wide between the ears. Slightly rounded head. Definite stop. Scissor bite.

Eyes: dark, almond-shaped, very expressive.

Ears: medium, pricked, carried very straight.

Neck: moderate length, powerful, slightly arched.

Body: deep chest. Straight back, loin well developed Ribs well sprung.

Tail: medium length, set low.

Forequarters: straight and muscular.

Hindquarters: large, muscular thighs. Legs straight parallel from hocks to feet.

Feet: short, compact. Arched toes. Hard pads.

Coat: short, double-coated, smooth. Dense under coat.

Color: black, black and tan, red, red and, tan, fawn, chocolate, or blue.

Practical information about Australian Kelpie

This hardy country dog does not tolerate living indoors

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