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Start weaning the puppy at the end of its fourth week. It should be weaned completely by the time it is six weeks old.

Separate the puppies from their mother gradually, and feed them the same food as that recommended for the mother during lactation.

You can add a small supplement of vitamins A and 03 to these rations and, depending on the puppy's size, a little milk each morning as well.

When you start weaning the puppy, feed it four times a day, and then three, so that gradually you accustom it to the two daily feedings it will receive as an adult. Refrain from giving the dog so called fancy foods, and make sure that feeding utensils are kept clean.

During weaning, particularly in cold weather, puppies should be kept in a relatively warm, draft-free place that is particularly easy to keep clean.

Of course, you should always keep an eye on the puppy's growth. Let it drink as much water as it wishes.

Refrain from giving it bones other than large beef or veal bones or sliced marrow bones on which it can cut its teeth while playing. Animal hide bones are also suitable.

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