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. Wire-haired terriers:
Some terriers must be groomed according to requirements of their standards.
This is the case for such breeds as Wire-haired Fox Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Cairns , and Airedales.
These terriers are not clipped; they are stripped lock by lock, by hand or with a knife.
If you are not a dog-show enthusiast, you can use clippers on the dog, although the result may be slightly less attractive.
The new hair will be less stiff after clipping than after stripping.
You will need a stiff metal brush, a metal comb with a handle, stripping knives, a soft brush, and a metal slicker.
To groom the dog, brush it with the slicker, de-mat its coat, and bathe it. Strip as for Schnauzers.

. Other hunting-dogs:
Brush the coat to remove dead hair, bathe the dog, and trim a little with scissors.
Trim the hair on the ears evenly.
Trim the feet.
For Wire-haired Pointing Griffons, use the slicker and stripping knife as for terriers.
Trim the whiskers, eyebrows, cheeks, and top of the head evenly.

For Cocker Spaniels, pay particular attention to the ears. American Cocker Spaniels are groomed in a special way.
Clip the forehead, the cheeks, the outside of the ears (upper part only), the under-sides of the ears, and the under-side of the neck down to the breastbone.

Trim the eyelashes and eyebrows. With scissors, trim the rest of the body where necessary to enhance the dog's appearance and gait.

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