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. Poodles: There are two main clips-the traditional 'Lion,' or English Saddle, clip, which until recent years was compulsory for participation in dog shows, and the more modern 'Town and Country,' or Continental, clip.

For the Lion clip, the hindquarters are clipped completely to show off the shape of the muscles. The hind legs are also clipped completely, but bracelets, in proportion to the size of the dog, are left at the hocks. The lower part of the tail is shaved, leaving a pompon at the tip.

The forelegs are shaved to the elbow, and they also have a bracelet above the foot.

Clip the upper and under-sides of the muzzle, then the cheeks from the ear to the corner of the mouth, but leave the whiskers between the nose and the corner of the mouth. Do not touch the hair on the ears. After clipping, trim the rest of the coat evenly with thinning scissors.

For the Town and Country clip, do not clip the hair on the legs. Clip the feet and muzzle in the same way as for the lion clip. The back, belly, neck, and chest are close-shaven. You may dispense with the pompon on the tail.

The head is clipped, leaving a topknot or a ball, and the whiskers are sometimes removed. Additional pompons and bracelets can give a Poodle an original appearance.

. Yorkshire Terriers: Brush the whole body with a soft boar-bristle brush, cut the nails, and remove the hair between the pads with scissors. Trim the hair in the perineal region and on the underbelly.

Bathe the dog and dry it. Trim the hair of the ears and feet evenly with scissors. Comb the coat downwards, on both sides of the body, starting from the middle of the back, from head to tail. Gather the topknot of hair and fasten it with a small elastic. Tie a small ribbon around it.

. Bichons Frises: Their coats should not be trimmed or cut with scissors. The only equipment used is a short-bristled brush, a rake, and sometimes a slicker.

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