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Grooming working dogs The main requirement for these mainly guard and draft dogs is a bath and checkup of the various parts of the body two or three times a year.

. Short-haired dogs (Boxers, Dobermanns, and Great Danes):
Brush the coat with a stiff, short-bristled brush or a hound glove.
Give the same treatment for nails and ears.
Clean the folds of skin and the wrinkles beneath the eyes and jowls.
Check the elbows and hocks to see whether calluses have formed.
Bathe and dry the dog.

. Long-haired dogs ( Newfoundlands , Saint Bernards, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Leonbergers):
Brush the coat with a slicker and rake.
Check the nails and ears.
Clean the jowls.
Trim the hair around the legs and feet.
Bathe and dry the dog.

. Heavy coats with a thick undercoat (Alaskan Malamutes, Akitas, and Siberian Huskies):
Do not bathe this kind of dog too often or you will soften its hair.

. Wire-haired coats (Schnauzers):
You need fine-tooth stripping knives for the top of the head, wide-tooth ones for the body, and thinning scissors.
Strip two to four times a year, and groom as for Fox Terriers.
Strip close on the top of the head, and blend to the neck.
Strip cheeks short, cut eyebrows, cut the beard straight, and strip the ears.
Strip short on the belly, and on the inside and rear of the thighs.
Strip moderately and in blended layers on the top of the back, neck, withers, loin, ribs, flanks, and outside of the thighs.
The tail should be cylindrical, rounded at the tip.
Comb the hair on the legs, do not clip it.
Trim the feet so they look rounded.
Remove any hair that is between the toes.

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