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The purpose of grooming is to emphasize a dog's natural beauty. The procedure in volves three main steps: clipping (all dogs with heavy coats are clipped), stripping (done by hand or with a serrated stripping knife), and trimming (a finishing touch, to help the dog look its best).

You can, of course, groom your dog yourself. If it is pure-bred, certain rules should be observed to accentuate the characteristics of the breed. If you enter the dog in a show, it will have to be meticulously groomed. In this case, it is usually best to engage a professional.

Equipment for dog grooming

For brushing you need brushes, combs, and slickers and rakes. You also need a table with a grooming post and restraining straps, a dryer, clippers (each with several heads), small and large hairdressing scissors, thinning scissors, stripping knives, hound gloves, and nail clippers.

How often to groom and when to start

A dog should have its initiation into grooming as early as possible. Five to six months is a good age for this. How often you groom depends on the breed-once a month, or as rarely as twice a year.
What ever kind of dog you own, brush it and bathe it regularly between groomings.

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Dog Grooming

Grooming working dogs
Grooming hunting dogs
Grooming sheep dogs
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